Lights by TENA encourages women to say ‘C’est la Vie!’ to Oooops moments™ by launching new campaign

Light bladder weakness experts lights by TENA has launched a new campaign that continues to challenge the taboos surrounding light bladder weakness, which is experienced by one in three women in the UK.
Anna McCrory, brand manager for lights by TENA, said: “Our latest campaign shows women that whether it’s unsightly tan lines or a little leak when you laugh too hard, Oooops moments™ happen to the best of us. C’est la vie!
“At lights by TENA, we continuously strive to break down the taboos surrounding light bladder to reassure women that when little leaks happen, it doesn’t matter.
“Alongside our campaign, and thanks to a series of improvements, two liners in the lights by TENA range are now 5x drier than regular linersand the new lights by TENA Ultra Towel absorbs two times faster than normal Ultra Towels. Thus, giving our consumers the very best protection and confidence they need to have a care-free attitude.”
lights by TENA, manufactured by leading global hygiene company SCA, are available in leading supermarkets, pharmacies and independent retailers.